How to find a model ?

It is well known by many people that, models are tall, lean with high cheekbones and perfect abs. Before continuing our research, let’s have some time to talk about models. They are considered as an accurate representation of the average person who shops at a fashion store. In most cases, it’s not true because your shop has costumers in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Thus, it is important to consider all this when choosing a model that will represent your brand. Several ways to find model exist some of which are;

Social media

Another alternative to find models is by using social media to do a casting for models. The appropriate social media for this is Instagram; you can create a hashtag for your search and easily browse the entries to find patterns that are perfect fit for your brand.


If you have enough funds, use agencies to start looking for professional models to rent. With our agencies, you will work with our models which are the best and most talented. This is probably the most expensive route, as many of these models’ book this type of work on a regular basis. Keep in mind that this excludes any photography and / or expenses related to shooting.

Ready-made model as an option

Before deceiving yourself by spending money that could have been invested elsewhere, I will like to give you a few reasons in a list below why a ready-made model might be a good idea:

- They are modern, clean and easily customizable.

- Advanced technology used to build and design.

- Friendly support and availability.

- Very cheap, usually below the price of one hundred dollars.

Often, the developer will have a built-in custom parameter panel that will allow you to modify the template as you like; Colors, images, font types and other minor changes will make you have a unique template that will cost you little or nothing for your fashion blog.